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Episode 4

6th November 2011 | Closed

Months in production, thousands of man hours poured into creating the single greatest chat about what Anthea has been up to in the history of Podcasting. Now, with all new jingles provided by Euan Smith of

Episode 3

29th May 2011 | Closed

Hot on the heels of Episode 2 we have Episode 3! It was recorded alongside Episode 2 in the same session, so has references of previous recordings.

Episode 3 Extra

24th May 2011 | Closed

Here’s a bit that wasn’t part of the main podcast, where we persuade Anthea to taste Civet Cat Coffee and discuss spirits. This part didn’t quite fit with the rest of the show, so it’s its own section.

Episode 2 Warming Up

21st May 2011 | Closed

Here is an extra from Episode 2 where we’re warming up our vocal chords…

Episode 2

21st May 2011 | Closed

Has it Happened Episode 2 This has been quite a while in production, we recorded it in early march, but here it is!  

Has It Happened? Episode 1

5th February 2011 | 2 Comments

Has It Happened? Episode 1 in where we kick things off with a nice unstructured ramble through our minds.